Engage How?

Gateway arch and reflecting pool in St. Louis,...
Gateway arch and reflecting pool in St. Louis, Missouri, USA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I read the WordPress post re: bloggers who had accepted a 52 week challenge last year (2012). They were all so good, original, and well written; I’m sure more are out there – I’m eager to find many. So eager, in fact, my answer to the challenge for 2013 is “Engage.”

OK, yes, I’m a Star Trek fan and almost swoon every time Jean-Luc Picard says it BUT beyond sci-fi/fantasy, I need to GET OUT THERE. By nature, I’m an introvert; Susan Cain is my hero. I easily live with my dogs, books, and internet unless I have to leave home – like go to work.

As a new blog,

  • the posts are reflections and quotes of daily worship which stood out for me, excluding my rant about Congress (and they haven’t changed).
  • The reflections and musings on the Daily Office, normal life (well, normal life with 17 dogs plus or minus), and the minutiae of life, will continue.
  • At least weekly, I will “engage” outside my milieu and share with you. For many of you, some of what I view as “engagement” will be very normal; for me, it is not and thus, by the end of this year in which I turn 60 (and qualify for discounted movie tickets at the local cinema), I plan to post 52 experiences I otherwise could miss.

What may some of these experiences be?

  • Go to a movie with a friend instead of alone; write/post a review.
  • Attend First Fridays and make small talk with people I don’t know (this is HUGE). FF are monthly art/gallery exhibit openings; I enjoy art, the small talk is the challenge.
  • Attend with a friend(s) concerts here in town or in the big city of St. Louis (I always offer to drive; I love driving in cities).
  • Volunteer work with children and my hospital; altruistic and career building.
  • Read and write reviews of books – more than the one I have listed, though it is stellar. Certainly, I can add Quiet to that list.
  • Attend and engage in church services and service.

You get the picture – get myself away from hearth and home, interact with persons I know or just met, participate in my community, church, and work.

The “Engage” post will show up on Mondays (current plan). Please join me, hold me accountable in your comments and suggestions of engagement/exploration. By the way, public speaking doesn’t faze me one bit – weird, huh?

Happy New Year! and thank you for helping.OneWord2013_Engage


8 thoughts on “Engage How?

  1. Love it …Reading through your blog and studying your follower’s comments, I couldn’t help thinking of a metaphor and that this ‘One Word 2013 Blog Hop – Journey’ is like a collection of snowflakes (snow crystals) all contributing like massive avalanches that rip across the world.

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