Will Read Anywhere!

I am a long life bibliophile as you may surmise by the photo taken by one of my parents – LOL.  One of my fondest adult life memories is sitting in my front room with my visiting parents.  We each were reading a book.  We had no music, no TV blaring in the background – “only” the imagination stirred in our minds by our books and camaraderie.  I plan to use this “parent” page to share book reviews with you.   I hope the books are diverse enough for all to find interesting.  Please share your favorite books with me.  A house without books is not a home.

Our grade school was across the street from our home.  All four of us children used the library extensively in the summer – the librarians knew us by name!   I would send books to my father, who would then “complain” I kept him up till three o’clock in the morning reading.  We were blessed to grow up before cable TV. In fact, I gave up my home TV about 5 years ago – now I spend time with the Internet (grrr), my dogs, my books and prayer.

“I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library.” – Jorge Luis Borges

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