Food for Me and Thee

Pray for Paris, for Beirut, for Baghdad, for countries absorbing the refugees from the Middle East. Pray for us all as we seek to rid the world of this evil….

Sometimes, I realize just how blessed I am. Last week, I ran out of food. I “eat” through a stomach tube and normally get a shipment of food every month. I was two months ahead, so we put it on hold to use up what I had….and then, because I was accustomed to the comfort and routine of my shipments being on time, I forgot it wasn’t….till I saw I only had two cans of food left (TwoCalHN, if anyone is interested). A computer glitch ditched a number of us who had “holds” on….and thus, we ran out. A local pharmacy could have a case in the next day…but didn’t. So, I used an off the counter substitute…and felt hungry. Now, some days, I only eat twice a day. This is not a pleasant way to eat….and some days, I can barely face it. Yet, when the convenience was removed, I was HUNGRY.  Interesting psychological reaction….am eating just fine now, thank you.


My reaction to my food is not unlike the reaction to my delivered dog food. I buy the best food on the market for my dogs every two weeks. In the meantime, I cut it with a lesser grade food (though still a good food: believe me, there is no Ol’ Roy nor Beneful for my dogs). I ran out…hmm, seems to be a theme these past couple weeks. So, I bought two well-regarded foods (but not as good as my standard, IMHO) to use while we waited. The dogs did fine…except for Annie, who developed a bout of GI distress. I don’t think it was from the food. I don’t know from what it was. She spent a night on IVs at the vet’s, home with a soft food and meds, and is doing 100% better. Plus, our normal food was delivered. I always feel so much better, knowing I have their best food here….and need to remember to buy a support bag so we don’t run out…


Our favorite dog food – we change types regularly plus add different food to give a change-up for better nutrition. I also add raw and soft food to help medicine go down as well as give a delicious punch to dry kibble.


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