Holy Dying – Engaged

Jeremy Taylor is depicted in this portrait at ...
Jeremy Taylor is depicted in this portrait at Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge University. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This past Saturday, I attended a workshop on dying, holy dying, with several other members of my church. Both lay, clergy, and nursing/medical professionals were there. The title comes from Jeremy Taylor‘s two books on Holy Living and Holy Dying. His premise was and cont. in these classic works that to die well, we must live well.

Carpe diem to the max.

My tug this day, though I deal with many dying patients and their families in my work, was another workshop on dog rescue in TN. If I had to leave my home at 0600, then I could get to TN just as fast as St. Louis (or, as the Mapquest voice says, “Saint Louie“).

But I didn’t – I drove my car with two friends. My friends are gracious women – they accepted my eccentricities with good humor – “Don’t touch my side mirrors; they are set up for no blind spots.” “This is how you set up the cruise control.” And my practice of getting up to speed in the on-ramp before entering a freeway – Driving 101.

The workshop was joyful and informative, diverse in topic:

  • Advanced directives (decide NOW how you want treatments you do NOT want and in what circumstances when you truly are dying).
  • Disposition of your body – to science, to the grave, to cremation.
  • Hospice care
  • Volunteering for the dying – GREAT point: not everyone can handle bedside care but one person called and offered her accounting expertise to help get all papers in order; another shoveled snow, etc.
  • Avoiding probate – prepare and let your family know.

Please consider your end of life here on Earth. Be prepared not only in your paperwork and wishes, but by fully living every day.


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