Inspired by WP

What was the one experience that completely changed your life? What happened? How did it change your life?


I didn’t go to college out of high school. Despite a double scholarship offer (German and English) plus state paid (disability) tuition, I was/am so introverted I couldn’t imagine how I would pay for room and board away from home. Instead, I went to a business school, majored in medical assistant, and took a job as a surgery technician (now operating room tech). My new boss was so impressed by my resume, she asked if there was anyone else in my class interested in moving out with me and three others came along.

After working  in Gordon, NE for a year, I found a position in my new home town still as a surgery tech, a job I loved. After a few years, when I was very unofficially the “head” tech, an anesthetist told me I should do more. Looking back, I wish I would have said, “Yes, but am not yet sure what…” and kept working while I explored.

I went to nursing school and again short-changed myself because of my perceived need for hands on education, went to a diploma school and not a baccalaureate program.

I’ve been employed ever since – worked up to a nurse manager, helped design and furnish a new unit, moved back to staff nurse after cancer (again) and am retiring in about 5-7 years. I’m beginning a float position, which means I’ll move throughout the hospital where I’m needed on night shifts, 8 hrs instead of 12 hrs, and full-time at top of the scale.

In retrospect, despite wishing things different, I realize God was in charge, putting me in a field for which, in high school, I had no desire and showing me how to share my gifts in a difficult and stressful environment.


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