Pray More – Worry Less


Today’s Old Testament reading in the Morning Daily Office is Jeremiah 20:7-11. A similar tone is expressed in a small book by Timothy Keller, The Freedom of Self-Forgetfulness, shared in her blog, Live with Flair, by Heather Colleran.

Jeremiah states succinctly how consumed and engaged he is by God; he has no choice, but to proclaim the will and desire of the Creator, for when he tries to keep quiet, his very bones burn with a heat, disabling his quietude, forcing him to proclaim the Lord.

Keller’s book, to me, does much the same in that, his premise, along with Jeremiah’s is, we are already beloved, owned, and loved by God; we need, as St. Paul did, to truly believe this promise, that we ARE loved, our sins are washed away, so we can, in the love of God, enjoy a life without judgment right now.

God wants us to be happy, joyful, relying on Her for every need; I/we are the ones who put limits on what He can/will do for us. I pray every day to truly let go, let God, and live His life as my life.


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