Engage #5 – Books AND Dogs

Way late in getting this post in, though, come to think of it, I totally missed last week’s!

I was able to engage in an activity in which I haven’t been involved for a long time due to my speech impediment from cancer surgeries. I had a blast, though, and good things are coming of it.

I addressed and hopefully, engaged, a series of high school classes at our high school regarding our community’s United We Read book for this year, A Dog’s Purpose by W. Bruce Cameron. It is a book close to my heart. Doing dog rescue as well as growing up a bibliophile, I was delighted when one of my recent adopters who teaches high school English, asked me to present/speak.

The basic story is from the perspective of a dog who, after he dies, is reincarnated as another dog who remembers his previous life and what he learned living it. As I spoke to students, few to none of whom read the book, I tried to encourage them to take the best from each phase of their lives as a help for the next phase, and so on….similar to how the dog enlarges his purpose with each reincarnation, building on what he learned before.

Trifold done for Silverwalk Hounds by my scrapbooking volunteer, Abigail, who also adopted Herman and invited me to speak



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