“Quiet, Enough”

At this moment, I have a young intact male Beagle throwing a tantrum in his crate. He might not be used to using a crate; he may resent staying in it last night while I was at work; he most likely is simply a young Beagle wanting to move and resents confinement. I ignored him till my noon devotions were completely obliterated (on my Earthly side) by his wailing and banging. Then, I went and dressed him down, telling him “quiet….enough” in a very low, firm tone.  As I complete this paragraph, he is quieting – the question to myself is, would he have quieted with or without my intervention?

Sometimes, I think this is the way of my relationship with God. She never sends me trouble to punish – Christ removed such need , but She may let me linger while I rant and rale, allowing me to “quiet….enough”, so I finally can hear Her soft, small voice.

Have  you listened to what is around you today? Have you seen what is so normal, you no longer see? “Quiet….enough.” Let’s mind what we do in each action, thought, and inaction. Listen to what God is saying or sharing with you today.

Amazing. All is calm.


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