Engage #3 – Another Dog


Oh, dear, I had the chance to

  1. go to the opera (which I like); I fell asleep (at home, NOT at the opera!) and missed the opening yet didn’t push myself to go at intermission
  2. go to church – a friend reminded me and I simply slept in.

And this is why I slept and slept: I went back to work this past week – 3 12+ hour night shifts – after having been off a month for surgery and recovery. It took energy and concentration not only at work but rearranging my daily habits at home. I’m counting work this one time as engaging because it was such an adjustment; I would rather read, play with the dogs, and be financially independent  :).

And yes, I took in another dog which made me meet a friend whom I hadn’t seen in some time, who is volatile re: animal rescue, animal care, and politics and whom I forgot, truly forgot, to let know when I was in hospital; he lives in the St. Louis area and would have been a wonderful visitor.

My planned “Engage” activities did not happen but the others filled the void, though they aren’t out of my milieu, which is one of my criteria. C’est le vie.

The new dog I took in is “Denali.” She is a Spaniel type, small/medium size dog ready for adoption. My vet said “This isn’t your normal type” when she saw her (true – I normally take in Beagles); I then told her she was 14 years old and no rescue, not even the senior ones, in St. Louis, had room or inclination to take her in. I told the rescue friend who posted her “Send her to me,” sight unseen.

I won the Lottery with Denali. Not a bad week at all….even survived getting back into the groove at work though the dogs were in tailspins.  And Denali is 11 years old with excellent teeth and perfect house manners – HA.



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