Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond

Sweetie Pie and her chosen paramour, Scout

Sweetie Pie RIP, an older Beagle girl pulled from a St. Louis area kill shelter and Scout, an English Coonhound fostered at Silverwalk Hounds for an Arkansas rescue, were an odd couple. I accepted Sweetie Pie not knowing if she was spayed (unable to have puppies secondary to hysterectomy) or still intact. I found out after an orgy in my bedroom one night to which I was not invited and those who wanted in were all shooting blanks. Sweetie Pie had her standards. And her standard-bearer was Scout.

In this photo, you can look beyond to the lush green of a southeast Missouri spring but the moment beyond I see is the adoration and rapt attention Sweetie Pie gives to Scout; one of my all-time favorite photos.

Sweetie Pie: A rose by any other name….
Scout: audiovideophile

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