Engage #2 – Return to Church

A very good friend called last week asking for directions for her driver to Barnes-Jewish Hospital in St. Louis. They were going the next day; so was I.  “What time is your appointment?”

Image“At one thirty.”

“I’m going up for a two o’clock appointment. Why don’t I drive?” absolving myself of giving directions to my friend’s driver via my friend – and knowing we would both then get there.

And we did – just on time for her and early enough for me to park the car.

Engage – I told a story to strangers in the elevator: I stood by the floor/door controls, relating the fun riding with the elevator operator in downtown Minneapolis when I was a kid. She closed the gated door, pulled on her lever to let the car up or down…a wonderful memory. They laughed – we enjoyed ourselves.


Engage – A couple in my waiting room wondered out loud if the sunshine was as nice as it looked. I told them I’d just driven from Cape Girardeau and it was quite lovely outside. They had driven up in thick fog from Illinois, the husband giving a detailed summary of watching mile marker to mile marker – it was the greatest distance they could see. Gentle conversation between strangers.

Engage – After months of not feeling well, of isolating myself even from those who cared (such as my friend), I rose one minute before the alarm struck Sunday morning for eight o’clock service. This early service is spoken;

godsmilefaithlove.jpgour choir sings at second service. I like the quiet, the contemplative bent of early morning hush. Welcomed back, prayers answered – up again next week. Promise – private prayer is important; corporate worship is, too.

This year, I’m actively seeking to “engage” myself with others outside my normal milieu; small talking with strangers is a biggie for me. The badge below takes you to my Engage page…help keep me accountable and reaching out. Thank you!


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