Thankful Thursday #2 – Community

Thankful Thursday #1 is HERE.



I listen to To the Best of our Knowledge via podcast since our local station no longer airs it. I enjoy the varying topics, interviews, and insights. The host, Jim Fleming, asked to pick his favorite show for 2012, “Just one?.” What a question! What a challenge! He wisely chose “Parker Palmer on Life.” Life is itself enough meaning to live and be alive….I’m grateful for every year of my life, some days more so than others but all in all, I celebrate each birthday.

Thanks be to God.



Yesterday, following a phone call the night before from a dear friend, I drove her and myself to St. Louis for physician appointments at the same place and about the same time. Coincidental? Perhaps – a God thing? Definitely. Both this friend and I have gone through some tough medical times; mine is less threatening than hers. I’m so grateful for this friend. We can talk, discuss, converse, disagree, commiserate  and support one another no matter how long it’s been since the last time we saw each other. Kathy is a true friend – and I’m grateful for her presence and wisdom in my life, as well as other close friends.

Thanks be to God.

Dog Rescue

Beagle Todd
Beagle Todd

Houndsong – Houndsong is an audio link to my send-off before leaving home yesterday; the hounds on occasion all howl/bay at the same time and then stop as if following a conductor. It is amazing to hear. I’m sorry this is the tail end; they were more “in sync” before I recorded them on my iPhone. As I thought about the hounds and my enjoyment of silence, I realized the advent of the hound rescue and my quest for a place in a worship community almost coincide. Interesting – I’m grateful for the blessings each dog has brought to my life – and the lives of others, those I’ve met in rescue and those who adopt/foster/donate to save animal lives

Thanks be to God.



In the previous paragraph, I allude to my quest for a worship community. Several years ago, I visited three very different monasteries in my region – and took wisdom home from each. I hoped God was leading me to join up with one; instead, She wants me more active in my local church and community while engaging in an active home prayer life. I’m grateful for the leading of my Lord – and the ability to listen, pray, & act in this country of my birth.

Thanks be to God.


This is a Thankful Blog Hop. Please click on the image above to visit PepiSmartDog, our host, to see links to other blogs grateful today.


The stylized icons used in this post hand-made by Double-J Design.

Beagle Todd adopted through the Boothealers Puppies on Parole, Southeast Correctional Center program, from Safe Harbor @ Silverwalk Beagle Sanctuary. 


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