Engage #1 – Treasure Map

Treasure Map

This makes me wonder how many times I’ve stopped short because of some obstacle or fear denying myself the treasure God has laid for me. I listened to a TED talk by Karen Thompson Walker over the weekend about fear: how it’s perceived as a weakness when it’s story can make us strong use with discretion & consideration. How do we know if “X” marks the spot or is just an X if we don’t dig deeper, walking into our fears, finding the real reason we are afraid – and the means of dealing, changing our perception not only for our good but for the good of all those traveling with us.

Asking myself to “engage” this year is one way of facing my fears of inadequacy, ineptness, social awkwardness, and isolation. I won’t become an extrovert (God is not expecting this of me – I think) but I will become more adept in different situations.

This past week, I actively searched for  opportunities to engage.

  1. I again drove a transport leg (well, two as I had to travel from my hometown to another 1.5 hrs away to pick up the lovely GSD (German Shepherd Dog) and bring her back to my town. She went on to St. Louis with another driver, finally ending up in her foster home in WI. 
  2. I stopped in to give a friend of mine a Xmas present that screamed the name her granddaughter bestowed upon her, “YaYa.” While there, she told me of a doctor friend of mine who would appreciate a visit from me. I went to see him last night – we had a nice discussion, he looks much better, and I’ll visit again.
  3. Before visiting my friend, I attended my church open house on behalf of my retiring priest – and again met the people who make me love that little, vibrant church which blossomed under the care, compassion, and direction of this priest.

These are simple activities but they pulled me out of myself and my house to engage with others. Have a wonderful week – hope to see you here with other reflections before next Monday.



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