What Would You Die For?


These three questions have haunted me this week since I listened to Karen Michel on To the Best of our Knowledge via podcast.  Karen grabbed my wee brain, shook it and made me THINK – I continue to think and ponder and think some more:

“What do you live for?”

“What would you die for?”

“What would you kill for?”

Her interview and questions are part of a series by TTBooK on democracy – I highly recommend them esp. in this time of election weariness and advertising slams. Why do we vote? Won’t the candidate with the most money and best political machine win anyway?

And please, please, stop with “the American people” crap. Those in Congress have such a poor approval rating for several reasons:

  1. The Tea Party representatives and Senators won’t compromise.
  2. Few know how to compromise anymore – so, until you ALL get out of your political zones and start to really work for this country and its people, don’t speak for “the American People.”
  3. We are waiting for you to work instead of squabble.
  4. Just because we have almost instant communication these days doesn’t mean you (all of you) can’t say “I need to research and think about this or that.” Off the cuff leadership sucks….and we are tired of it (and I’m not talking about the President alone but all the leaders we have elected to work and THINK on our behalf).

Here’s something else I’m wondering about: basically, we all want “smaller government.” For me, it means giving back to the States many of the rights we have forwarded to the Federal Govt. But what will happen with “smaller government?” I live in Missouri – in a place of extreme drought this summer; the entire state has qualified for Federal Disaster assistance. If we had “smaller government,” are we willing to give this up? how about farm subsidies (though I think some of those are going away soon; don’t quote me)? education assistance? school lunch programs?  Think what you are willing to give up or modify for smaller government.

Back to Karen’s questions: what do you think? How would YOU answer them? There is no right or wrong answer – to me, they are a means to align myself with sound thinking, not bouncing off what society says is the way to go/be/act or my ego/id, etc.


2 thoughts on “What Would You Die For?

  1. Those are very good questions to ponder. If we can answer those we have a much better idea what our values are. On another note – I tried clicking on your “Like” button and it wouldn’t work for me.

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